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Full Membership

£60.00 per year

For those based in the UK

Includes all member benefits
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For postgraduate students or those under the age of 28 based in the UK

Includes all member benefits
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ECS Undergraduate Membership

£15.00 per year

For undergraduate students based in the UK

Includes all member benefits
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Associate Membership

£15.00 per year

For those with an interest in Microbiology

Does not include grants or journals. Digital magazines only
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International Membership

£60.00 per year

For those based outside the UK

Includes all member benefits
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Middle income countries

£45.00 per year

Discount for those based in middle income countries
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Lower-middle income countries

£30.00 per year

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Lower income countries

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Member Benefits

As a member you join a prestigious and diverse community that has a powerful voice in raising the profile of applied microbiology. Together we can ensure the applications of microbiology have an impact on the global challenges and issues that are important to us all.

You can get actively involved with the Society, helping us to shape the field, and to support innovation in microbiology and its application in the real world.

Our members are the heart of our organisation, and we pride ourselves by adding value to membership through our member benefits.

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Access to our five peer-reviewed journals, published in association with Wiley:

  • Journal of Applied Microbiology (JAM)
  • Letters in Applied Microbiology (LAM)
  • Environmental Microbiology (EM)
  • Environmental Microbiology Reports (EMR)
  • Microbial Biotechnology (MB)
  • Receive our topical quarterly Microbiologist magazine
  • Access the entire digital collection of JAM & LAM journals dating back to 1938
  • Read our monthly e-newsletter - keeping you up-to-date with news and events

Grants & Funding

We support our members with a range of funding opportunities, including:

  • Up to £1200 to assist you in presenting at a scientific meeting or attending a workshop
  • Scientific meeting grants to cover of attendance fees of up to £300
  • Work experience grants of up to £2,500 for undergraduates or recent graduates
  • Newly appointed lecturers in their first academic appointment can pump-prime their research with a grant of up to £10,000
  • Public engagement grants of £3,000 to promote microbiology to the general public
  • Details of all funding opportunities can be found here – terms and conditions apply.

Events & Networking

  • FREE entry to the annual EMI and JAM lectures
  • Hugely reduced registration fees to our varied events programme
  • Be part of a community of worldwide professionals in over 65 countries
  • Access to the private members’ area of the SfAM website
  • Join our dynamic and fast-growing Early Career Scientists (ECS) group


  • 35% discount on Wiley-Blackwell’s extensive collection of book titles
  • Win one of our prizes awarded for achievements in communications and public engagement within microbiology
  • Submit an article for MicrobeBlog.org – SfAM’s popular blogging site
  • Nominate a candidate for the prestigious WH Pierce Prize, awarded for a substantial contribution to applied microbiology

Stay Engaged

  • Keep informed and get heard – we’ll update you on parliamentary enquiries, government consultations and other opportunities to engage with policy-makers
  • SfAM works closely with the Science Media Centre and with our membership to provide expert advice for journalists
  • Have your say – with opportunities to question MPs at Voice of the Future, and media training at the Voice of Young Science workshops
  • Engage with the public – join us at public events, science fairs and family days, improve your science communication skills and get people talking about microbiology

Professional Development

  • Contribute to SfAM by standing for election for the Executive Committee
  • Join our various subcommittees including the ECS group, Policy Subcomittee, Finance Subcomittee or the Microbiologist Editorial Group